CGP Build - Guaranteed Delivery

Building on our reputation of unsurpassed customer service, and core to our success and unique approach is our Guaranteed Delivery.

Before we start your project, we will have agreed with you our Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), a timescale in which the works will be completed, and then on completion we will leave you with our Guaranteed Lifetime Workmanship.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

Stage 1

Often based on planning drawings which show little detail, but sufficient for us to get a good budget price worked out for you. The price will include a number of Provisional Sums and Prime Cost Sums for items that have limited detail, but based on our experience with previous projects. Our Stage 1 price will give you a very good indication of your project costs, and then, depending on how this compares to your budget, we can change things to suit. This process is fairly straightforward for us and takes about 1 week.

Stage 2

When you have decided that CGP Build is your preferred builder, then that is when we put in the effort together on the GMP stage. We want to eliminate the risk for you, so that you really do know where your project cost is going to be on completion, for your peace of mind, and to save any nasty shocks.

This will be about identifying personal choice items like tiles, kitchen, sanitaryware etc, and also us looking at the structure and the environment to identify as closely as possible exactly how we are going to build your project. This process is very intensive and usually takes 2 weeks. At this point you still have no commitment to us.

The GMP is now used as the basis of the building contract and only after this point if you make any changes will there be any additional costs, which is why we try to identify and eliminate any potential changes at the GMP Stage.


Guaranteed Timescales

We understand the frustration that many clients have with their builder, but not here at CGP Build.

We will provide you with a contract programme showing you when each element of the works will be started and finished. Only if the works are altered, or if there is unseasonal weather would we ask for an extension of time.

For your peace of mind and to know that we really do mean that we will be finished on a given date, we will pay you £50 per day for every day that we run over. That is how committed we are to completing your project on time.

Lifetime Guaranteed Workmanship

In keeping with Edwin Pitchers good basic values of good quality work at fair honest prices, we have developed a simple yet effective way to ensure that the quality element never slips.

Your project is inspected weekly by the Projects Leader and fortnightly by Mark Pitcher. The inspection focuses on quality, service and safety.

All of our Working Foremen take great personal pride in their projects as you would expect from true craftsmen and there is healthy competition amongst them to get the highest score each quarter for which there is the added reward of a bonus. This makes sure that your project is built to the highest standards.

We are so confident of the quality of our craftsmen that we offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee

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