Our business is based on doing what we have done best for over 100 years - Building extensions and new house, often with some alterations and refurbishment.

We often work direct with the client, looking after them through the whole process to keep the costs down.

Taking on the project after some basic drawings have been prepared and used to obtain planning permission, we will then sit down with you and find out everything about your project - Budget, expectations, specifications, finishes and an almost unexhaustive list etc. It might take a number of meetings to get it right, but it is worth the effort.

Everything up to this point is totally free of charge. You don't pay anything until the extent of works and cost have been agreed.

One of our experienced Working Foremen will be appointed to your project and he will be on site all day every day from the start of the project right through to completion.

Depending on how involved you want to get with Building Control, Structural Engineers, new incoming services and connections, we are more than happy to do all the necessary phone calls and form filling for you.

We will have weekly meetings with you, to update you with progress and make sure that you are kept up to date with everything that is happening.

On completion, we will introduce you to Trevor, who will look after your Aftercare service, making sure that any little imperfections are sorted out to your complete satisfaction.

Design & Build

Our Design & Build service is your one-stop shop to realising your dream home.

The initial meeting with us is completely free of charge. At this meeting we will find out all about your project, and we can discuss designs and rough budgets depending on different methods of construction and material choices.

This route is a faster process with both design features and the buildable practicalities being continuously considered to meet the financial budgetary constraints.

The entire project is managed by us. You don't have to worry about anything else. We will include for absolutely everything, which will be detailed in a priced schedule.

All through the process we will meet at every step along the way to ensure that your dreams are being realised exactly as you intended.

We will prepare the project drawings and specification and submit them for planning permission and building regulations.

As with all our projects, you will have one of our experienced Working Foremen manage your project full-time from start to finish, with one of our Projects Leaders visiting at least twice a week, and Mark Pitcher visiting at least once a fortnight, doing his thorough site review.

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Once your project is complete, you are not entirely free of us. We want to make sure that any little imperfections are sorted out to your complete satisfaction.

Our skilled craftsmen are amongst the best in the area, but with every project of this nature being a prototype in its own right, there is always a possibility of a defect being built in, and there is no point in running away from this, so we have chosen to deal with it head-on.

This is where our Trevor comes into the frame, who will be introduced to you and your project on completion of the works.

Trevor will be your point of contact, and who will look after your needs once the building works have completed and after everyone else has left site.

Whether it be a defect from the original work, or you need a socket moving because that lovely Victorian welsh dresser that you bought at the weekend now covers the only electrical socket in the room - Trevor is the man to call.

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